Welcome to the world of the print finishing

You want to improve a book cover or a packaging and do not know, with which procedure? You prepare for an exam and want to read up once again which kinds of embossing there are? You are not sure whether does your elective material tolerate the processing?

Then you are exactly right on our side. On this website you find the variety of the finishing technologies with practical tips. We introduce the single technologies to you after uniform arrangement:
·       Technical background
·       Effect
·       Application possibilities
·       Limitations
·       Costs.

Finishing by Coating

Finishing by Transformating

However, can you understand a processing on the screen or smartphone display really? Beside the technical and formative information you find in the samlie box, in addition, examples of every procedure for touching and comparisons. Inspire yourselves to the new ideas which impress! Become curious?

We hope you enjoy browsing our pages!

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