Finishing by Forming

The category of „Finishing by forming“ is about finishing methods which are accomplished by embossing. Those methods are distinguished from each other by the manner in which in the material is reshaped. Is it just a simple compression of the material at the embossed spot, so a second layer is formed, it is debossing. Are there more than just a second layer formed, it is called relief embossing. You are not only able to emboss plan motives, but also patterns, which you do with a binder’s die and then it is called structure embossing.  

You can emboss with foil transfer (hot foil stamping) or without (goffering).This method is used for pattered or plan foil transfer. The binder’s die might be so delicately engraved so the only transformation will be at the foils expense (micro embossing) and not the material underneath.