Project idea

Long time there were on the subject finishing only few publications which have mostly only one technical main focus and which lacks the objective view. The need in a practically oriented reference book not superficially oriented to design on the subject finishing was big. This let in summer of 2010 students of the course of studies Publishing Technology Leipzig HTWK the project bring to life.

The project aims were certain fast: universally valid structuralisation of this extensive subject and objective representation of the finishing procedures in a direct comparison. The finishing was limited on variations which give, primarily, an aesthetic added value to the product. Functionality or support of the handling fall only on the edge in the consideration.

Finally, the question of the publication of the professional information stood for the project team in the space. In the process, there originated the practical solution:

Encyclopaedia as an online version

The results of the search work were presented first on this web page. Among the rest, the scientific claim to the editorially investigated professional information is reflected in the elective basic structure after the manufacturing methods. The quick entrance about the index is practical also.

Sample box as an offline variant

Since on a web page only causes the haptic qualities of a finishing can be shown, the team provided a sample box to the finishing encyclopaedia. This contains, in the meantime, all procedures introduced on the web page also in the form of conceivable sample maps.

The encyclopaedia offers a clear overview to beginners and advancers and delivers information about technological background, achieved effect, application possibilities and borders as well as an evaluation of the costs.

For the production of reliable contents and in particular with the production of the finishing samples, numerous project partners from the economy supported the project. The project is supervised by Prof. Inés Heinze from the university.